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Attract and Retain More of Your Students

To enhance your offerings, we help design and deliver interdisciplinary programs and skills-based curricula.

Curriculum Design & Delivery
Deliver an Exceptional Educational Experience

To engage your students in virtual classes, we prepare your faculty to take full advantage of our advanced learning platform.

Fully Active Learning
Ensure That Real Learning Happens in Every Class

To improve student success, we help you track performance and measure specific learning outcomes across the entire program.

Outcomes & Impact
Minerva’s innovations certainly pose a challenge to a sclerotic university model … campuses across the world will at some point have to address the [model’s] deficiencies.
Bryony Clarke, The Guardian Read the article

Minerva partners with forward-thinking higher ed institutions to establish new programs with profound results.

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Minerva Voices

In this recent piece, Minerva Professors Suzanne Kern, Ph.D. and Christine Looser, Ph.D. explore how to adapt courses so students can connect better with each other and their educations.

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